375216_10150461873029360_711011997_nDavid Hitt is the director of Comic Science Improv. By day, David is a writer for NASA’s Space Launch System program. He is the author of “Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story,” with astronauts Owen Garriott and Joe Kerwin, and a former newspaper editor, was briefly a dead Alabama governor, and would be glad to sell you Pampered Chef products.


calebCaleb McPherson can be found hiding in the back running sound, lights, and cameras at CoSci shows. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from UAH, and an unrelated love for capturing images (usually with a net or a carefully set trap using dreams as bait). He is married to the improviser in Comic Science whose last name begins with M. When not at Comic Science shows, he can be found working on other video and photography projects, or playing video games.

Lauren website bio picLauren McPherson is the prettiest, smartest, funniest, and all-around best improviser in Comic Science whose last name begins with M. She’s been acting in plays for well over a decade, but improv has been her art (and science) of choice for just under half a decade. She is the wife of Caleb McPherson, Comic Science’s secret weapon of behind-the-scenes awesomeness. She and Caleb have two dogs named Gypsy and Moxxi (name those nerd references!) and really enjoy reminding those dogs that they can’t read, vote, or get a master’s degree in Medieval Art History. When not improv-ing, baking cakes for friends and family, or playing video games, Lauren is a housewife extraordinaire (in that it’s extraordinary how little housework she does).

kirkKirk Salmond was born in Canada at a very young age. His wife and kids quit laughing at him (they say laughing only encourages him) so he went looking for a broader audience. He joined Comic Science Improv in September of 2012. He aspires to be the Ryan Stiles of Huntsville (Canadian, tall and gangly, funny.) His very first time on stage the show sold out, we are all hoping he hasn’t peaked too soon.

photo 2Sam Wear was born at least 2 decades ago, but not necessarily more than 3 in a town extremely similar to this one. She knew she had a penchant for hilarity at an early age when every time she cried, she would run to the vanity mirror and try to make as many ugly faces as possible before the tears stopped. She gained 4 years of improv experience at college and came back to it the moment she stopped taking life so seriously. You can like her page on Facebook, but she’d like you better if you liked Comic Science Improv’s page instead.

morganMorgan Wilson graduated from UAB with a Computer Science degree and returned to Huntsville to put it to use. She enjoys her job working at NASA, but she loves improv so much they had to create a new word to describe it and that word is so crazy, that it would blow up your mind if you heard it. When she’s not working or doing improv Morgan can likely be found playing ultimate frisbee.

Guest Artists

briannabondBrianna Bond is the youngest of this funtastic crew. She loves all things acting since she started performing in shows from a single digits age. She is currently in Gryffindor at…Hogwarts…er attending the University of South Alabama for a degree in Performing Arts. (Go Jags!) She also does her best to attend said funtastic crew’s shows when she can but still has not found herself a TARDIS to make this trip easier. (More references for you nerds!) So she supposes she’s a college kid by day, improv actor by night…she speculated on this and came to the conclusion that she must be Batman.