About Us

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Comic Science Improv is a north-Alabama-based troupe of actors who perform hilarious sketches based on suggestions given by the audience.
Our shows are appropriate for all audiences, and consist of a collection of short scenes in which we play improv “games” — anything from speaking only in questions to reinterpreting favorite movies — based on suggestions from the audience. You tell us what to do, we make it hilarious. If you’ve ever seen “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” “Thank God You’re Here” or “Trust Us With Your Life,” you have some idea of what we do, but our shows are made better by the fact that our scene suggestions are coming from YOU, and not some Hollywood studio audience!

Comic Science Improv launched in September 2012, and our troupe features many actors from long-time Huntsville improv company Face2Face Improv, and we draw the foundations of what we do from that group.

Comic Science Improv is available for chartered shows for corporate events, church gatherings, private parties and more. We also will lead improv classes and workshops. In addition, we continue to partner with new venues for public shows. To find out more about what Comic Science can do for you, send us an e-mail!

If you would be interested in joining Comic Science, send us an e-mail or talk to us at a show. Auditioners learn the craft by rehearsing with us before moving on to stage performances.

Comic Science Improv is a production of Rocket City Comedy, LLC.